Music & Management

Imani Media Group is responsible for platinum selling recording artists and many of the industry's leading songwriters, producers and composers through it's division - Imani Records.

Motion Film & TV

Imani Motion Films continues to procure stories from a vast array of writers, directors and actors to develop and produce content for theatrical release, television and streaming services through its division - Imani Motion Films.

Digital Distribution & Marketing

Imani Media Group handles unique capabilities in distribution, sales service, marketing, and varied national and international output deals through its partnered company Faith Media Distribution.

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Author: imanimediagroup

Neue Produkt- oder Dienstleistungswachstumsprozesse sind die Untergruppe standardisierter Strategien, mit denen Anbieter die neuen Produktaufgabenphasen bewältigen, die zur Einführung neuer Produkte in der Branche führen. Ziel dieser Verfahren ist es, eine systematisierte Technik in die Tat umzusetzen, mit der

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